Valentinitsch Design is a Vienna based Industrial & Product Design Studio founded in 1982, a fine hand-picked team now headed by Tino Valentinitsch.
Our services include listening, thinking and coming up with the best solution for our client´s needs. We like to think outside the box of common patterns & behaviors.
But we do have a box full of sharp knives; over the years we met the finest, most talented people from all over the world of professions and we do enjoy working with them.
Needless to say that we work on state-of-the art equipment and, hell yes, rapid prototyping still could go a bit faster.

Tino Valentinitsch

Tino Valentinitsch
Creative Director
Dipl. Des.

In 2011 Tino Valentinitsch took over the well-known parental product- and industrial design studio “Valentinitsch Design” in Vienna.
Since 2004 he has lived in New York and worked for the world´s most prestigious brands, companies and agencies.
Born into a designer´s family he developed a keen sense on design, fashion, art and lifestyle at an a very early stage.
Over the years he has travelled to Japan, New York, China and Italy to work with the most influential people such as,
Yohji Yamamoto, Helmut Lang, Donatella Versace, Richard Pandiscio, Alex Wiederin, Aldo Cibic and many others.

His unbreakable love for design, culture and materials makes his daily routine.

Tino has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design, University of Essen, Germany.
He wrote his diploma thesis on "Aesthetics and Implicitness" and held a number of lectures and workshops
in schools, museums and various companies.


Michael Bauchowitz
Managing Partner
Dipl. Des.

Michael Bauchowitz is a managing partner and absolutely hands-on.
He joined Valentinitsch Design in 2007 and perfected his skills under the demanding hands of the company´s  grand seigneur, Dietmar Valentinitsch.
Prior to that, Michael lived in Germany and worked for well established design studios, such as designaffairs and Hartmann & Hartmann.
Michael has a clear technical understanding, a profound knowledge of production methods and the sensibility to create a beautiful, yet functional, and efficient product.
His diploma was a mobile verifier which got produced for the Bundesdruckerei Berlin.
Since 2010 Michael Bauchowitz teaches Industrial Design at the HTL Sankt Pölten, Austria.

Michael studied mechanical engineering and has a degree in Industrial Design, University of Applied Sciences Coburg, Germany


foto credit: Kundart Anja

Dietmar Valentinitsch

Dietmar Valentinitsch
Senior Consultant
Ing. Mag. Art

Dietmar Valentinitsch founded the company in 1982, after leaving I.D.Pool, where he partnered Prof. Ernst Beranek & Harry Kubelka.
Prior to that he was creative director of Dachstein where he invented the world´s first plastic ski-boot in 1970 - by then a revolution.
Numerous revolutions were about to follow: the famous MAM baby soother, Battenfeld, the world´s first fully housed injection molding machine, or
the U6 low floor tramway in Vienna, still doing it´s duty and still looking modern - just a few to mention.
For many years Dietmar was the vice president of the ÖIF (Österreichisches Institut für Formgebung) next to Carl Auböck II.
A true austrian design pioneer who has clearly set his his mark - numerous awards are the proof.

Between 1990 to 2010 Dietmar Valentinitsch taught Product- and Industrial Design a the HTL Sankt Pölten and the Kolleg Pöchlarn, where he was a founding member.

Dietmar is now our senior consultant - but honestly, he prefers flying planes, sailing boats or doing other dangerous sports.
He is happy to fly in for special, preferably dangerous occasions.